DASS "Artificial Nature"

Artificial Nature is an exhibition produced by studio dass about their last works

within the cycle of conferences Geração Z/3, which was invited to participate.
held by architecture magazine ARQ/A.

The aim was to recreate an organic and natural environment to show four houses made by dass that will be built within a natural context.

The ceiling and walls are covered with LEAF, a green triangular modular leaf, designed by studio dass,
that could be attached in any position or combination, for transforming the built space into natural habitats.
Its aesthetics are inspired by nature and it simulates being under a tree, not just for its form and color,
but also for the games of light and shadows it creates in the space.

Instead of just making architectural models, dass created new houses, for new “clients”,
without loosing the formality of its architectural projects. By changing scale and mutating four house projects,
transformed them into Bird Houses, giving them a new meaning, and adapting them to its new artificial natural environment.

The exhibition is in the Portuguese Architects Association,
From 3/11 till 18/11, in Lisbon, Portugal.

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