157 +173 designers "Concrete Lighting"

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157 +173 designers were formed in the autumn of 2009 in order to serve and facilitate their unceasing creative needs. The founders, Babis Papanikolaou and Christina Tsiragelou have both
studied architecture and they are also involved with various handmade structures, music and video art.
They have set their own studio in Thessaloniki designed with simplicity and functionality to fit their temperament. Their goal is to design and manufacture products of unique aesthetic value and quality. All ideas are meticulously tested and redrawn before they are finally converted into full scale objects, destined both for extensive production and/or for limited edition release, but always with the care of a handmade object.
The uniqueness of 157 + 173 designers’ work lies in the stylish combination of well known – designed forms that surround us with their contemporary and fresh look that makes each and every item special. The use of bare construction materials, wood and metal betrays the designers’intention not only to reveal each object’s origins and relationship with the natural environment, but also to situate them in the industrialized modern world. The choice of seemingly "cheap" materials is also essential to the objects’ aesthetic value as they are, often rather humorously, employed in order to inscribe a theatrical essence in their products.

babis papanikolaou has studied arts + architecture at University of Greenwich in London, from where he graduated in 2005. Coming back to his home town, Thessaloniki, he gathered practical
experience working in small scale and big scale architectural offices. At the same time, he is involved with music synthesis and video art.

christina tsiragelou has studied architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from where she graduated in 2007. Working as a partner to various well known architectural offices, both during her studies and after she graduated, she has been involved in the process of synthesis and construction. At the same time, she is dealing with modeling of prototype or work in progress building ideas, for various architectural offices.

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