Cassina "Tabouret Berger"

Cassina news for Autumn 2011
Carlotte Perriand Wood Collection - Tabouret Berger (image) and Meribel
Charlotte Perriand expressed her passion for the mountains by creating a series of stools/tabourets in wood. Life in the mountains enabled her to come into contact with simple materials. This was an important moment for her and she stated: “the lack of materials is the origin of creation”.
This furniture was created by her with a spirit of freedom and it adapts to all environments thanks to its flexibility
Cassina revisits two models for the first time:
- Tabouret Berger created in 1953: inspired by those used by shepherds, from which it takes its name. It was presented for the first time in Tokyo during the Synthèse des Arts exhibition in 1955
- Tabouret Meribel 1962: takes its name from the chalet in Meribel, France, where Charlotte Perriand had a home and where over the years she reinterpreted local architecture, making a key contribution to the debate between modernism and regionalism.

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